Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology
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Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology


The Department of Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology comprises the divisions of Nuclear Medicine, Radiodiagnosis, Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics. Radiobiology also form an indispensable part of the Department. Radiology is primarily involved in imaging examinations, e.g. computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but is also involved in functional imaging, e.g. functional magnetic resonance (FMR), and therapeutic procedures, e.g. interventional radiology. Radiation Oncology is responsible for the treatment of cancers by means of radiation and chemotherapy. Nuclear Medicine also does imaging examinations after the administration of radioactive substances. Nuclear Medicine is also involved, although to a lesser extent, in the treatment of non-malignant conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, and of certain malignant conditions by means of the administration of unsealed radioactive substances.

Core functions

  • Training, primarily of postgraduate students. Also involved in the training of medical students during their clinical years.

  • Research: All the divisions are involved in a variety of research projects that regularly lead to publications.

  • Both Nuclear Medicine, Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology are involved in the training of fellows from Africa through the International Atomic Energy Agency.

  • The recent installation of a 3T MR will place radiodiagnosis at the forefront of international research.

Main services

All the divisions are involved in service provision, research, and the training of students. The training includes the training of postgraduate and undergraduate medical students of Stellenbosch University and radiography student of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Medical physicists are trained in conjunction with the Faculty of Science.
Service provision is done for inpatients and outpatients of Tygerberg Hospital. Nuclear Medicine also offers services to patients who are referred from regional and secondary hospitals, while Radiation Oncology is involved in the treatment of patients at the iThemba LABS proton and neutron therapy facility.​