Epidemiology and Biostatistics
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MSc Clinical Epidemio​logy Resear​​ch Assignments

Health Systems Strengthening

First Name Title
Chinhoyi Rekai The influence of family physician supply on district health system performance, clinical processes and clinical outcomes in the Western Cape Province, South Africa (2011 – 2014)
Chirima Tapiwa Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing: a cross sectional study in Swaziland
Dyers Robin Training and Support to Improve ICD Coding Quality:  A Controlled Before-and-After Impact Evaluation
Khan Yaseen Can a mobile application for the South African Triage Scale improve the validity and reliability of Triage? A comparative cross-sectional study using written case scenarios
Orton Karien Perceptions and self-perceived knowledge of evidence-based health care amongst registered nurses and midwives in rural areas of the Western Cape
Ramocha Lesego Matlhogonolo Quality of lif and physical activity amoung Geriatrics living in Instistutions compared to the community
Toefy Yoesrie Receiving health services: A observational study of access to public health services comparing people with and without disabilities in the Madwaleni area in Eastern Cape, South Africa
Van Hoving Niel Adequacy of t​he emergency point-of-care ultrasound core curriculum for the local burden of disease in South Africa​