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Biostatistics 2

The course takes place over six full days of online sessions (two blocks of three days each). Each day is made up of lectures, tutorial activities and practical exercises using statistical software. These are followed up by self-study and assessments in the form of two assignments. A three hour examination constitutes the summative assessment. Students will be expected to purchase their own copy of Stata, the statistical software used for this course. The course is equivalent to the Biostatistics 2 module in the MSc Clinical Epidemiology.

Aim: This course is a follow on from Biostatistics 1, and aims to enable participants to understand and apply more advanced principles of Biostatistics.

Prerequisites: Applicants should have completed the Biostatistics 1 short course or equivalent. The candidate shall hold an MBChB or equivalent degree; or a four-year professional bachelor's degree in a health-related discipline, and mathematics at National Senior Certificate (NSC) level.

Duration and dates: Full second semester course (July/Oct).