Centre for Infectious Diseases
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Strategy: Disseminating knowledge, skills and technology from within the Tygerberg academic environment and Stellenbosch University to other academic institutions, industry, the government at national and regional level, NGOs and​ the community at large.

The centre is in the process of formalising the collaboration that already exists between the staff involved in infectious diseases. This collaboration will increase interaction with health service providers at primary, secondary and community levels.

HIV outreach programmes in infectious diseases provide consultative services for adults and children.

Consultative services on antibiotics and policy formulation and implementation in the field of infectious diseases are consolidated in the centre. These services will be extended into the Eastern Cape. The Walter Sisulu University is also regarded as an important partner.

​The service dimension of the centre closely liaises and works with Ukwanda and the Centre for Health Sciences Education. The evaluation of health care programmes in this field is also regarded as a core focus area.