African Microbiome Institute
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​AMI ​"Blitz​"

Because of the wide interest in the microbiome by all Faculties of the University, a “Blitz” presentation was organized in April 2019 to allow each young investigator to present the esse​nce of their research enquiries on a maximum of 3 slides to a wide audience. This was extremely successful, revealing the tremendous potential for inter-faculty research collaborations within the University.


A group photo at the AMI “Blitz”. From Left to Right: Prof Stephen O’Keefe, Prof Eugene Cloete, Prof Leon Dicks, Prof Nico Gey van Pittius, Prof Vikash Sewram, and Prof Peter Nyasulu.​


Prof Florian Bauer and colleagues having a conversation at the AMI “Blitz”.


Attendees mingling after the AMI “Blitz”.​

The African Microbiome Symposium

Prof O’Keefe, with the help and support of the Rector’s office, convened an international symposium entitled “The First Stellenbosch University Microbiome Course and Symposium” at the SU STIAS conference facility in Stellenbosch. Prof Hugh Patterton from the Faculty of Science, Bioinformatics, organized a hands-on 2-day course in bioinformatics to start. The Symposium was assured success by the participation of 12 overseas experts who not only gave us their time, but also financed their own travel to the meeting. Independent reviews of the meetings were uniformly ex​cellent. Our postdocs are helping to summarize the Symposium talks for a review for publication. Following the tremendous success of this program, there has been a general call to repeat these meetings at SU biennially. 


In-between sessions at the AMI Symposium held at the Wallenberg Research and Conference Centre, STIAS, Stellenbosch University.​


A group photo taken at the AMI Symposium reception and networking event held at The Old Nectar Historic Homestead Estate and Gardens, Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch. From Left to Right: Dr Matsepo Ramaboli, Ms Theresa Rausch, Dr Sören Ocvirk, Ms Grace Barker, Dr James Kinross, Dr Jia Li, and Mrs Elizabeth O’Keefe.


Prof Dirk Haller and Prof Rex Gaskins, two of the international speakers at the AMI Symposium, seen here having dinner in Stellenbosch.​


A group photo of the co-organizers and assisting crew of the AMI Workshop and Symposium. From Left to Right: Ms Wildré Kok, Mrs Joyal Arendse, Mrs Olivia van Wyk, and Ms Nicole Bisschof.

AMI – Scientific Meeting Dates 2020

  •  23 April 2020: Lecture Hall 3, FHMS (Cancelled due to Covid-19)
  •  29 June 2020:  JS Marais Building 1002, Victoria Street, Stellenbosch                                 
  •  28 September 2020: Lecture Hall 3, FHMS                                                                                 
  •  30 November 2020: VDS 2118, Bosman Street, Stellenbosch  

For more information contact: Dr Charisse Naidoo (Email: ​