​Division of Disability & ​​Rehabilitation Studies

The Division of Disability & Rehabilitation Studies offers unique postgraduate programmes to health, disability and rehabilitation professionals. Applicants are (but not limited to) persons who are doctors, nurses, speech and occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, etc. The approach is interdisciplinary, with emphasis on development of leadership skills to facilitate development, management and evaluation and research into appropriate and cost-effective rehabilitation and disability programmes. The Division of Rehabilitation Studies also plays a supportive role in curricular development within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in respect of disability and rehabilitation-related aspects.

It is a joint undertaking between the University and the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and Province and is situated at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Department. It can also be located at any other institution as agreed upon from time to time.

The Division is unique in offering comprehensive rehabilitation education and training programmes, research and community interaction opportunities for all health sciences and rehabilitation-related professionals at all levels of health services and in the community.​