Statistics and Actuarial Science
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Obtaining Exemptions from the Profession’s Examinations

Stellenbosch's actuarial programme is structured in such a way that you can obtain exemption from the ten Part A1, A2 and A3 subjects of the profession's examinations in your BCom (Actuarial Science) and BComHons in Actuarial Science degrees.

To be recommended for an exemption for any given subject you need to achieve an appropriate mark in the corresponding university course(s) as outlined below:

Actuarial Society SubjectCorresponding University Module​
​A101​Probability Theory and Statistics 144 and
​Mathematical Statistics 214 and 244
​A102​Economics 114 and 144
​A103​Financial Accounting 188 and
Fi​nancial Risk Management 212
​A201​Actuarial Science 274
​A202​Actuarial Science 326 and
​Mathematical Statistics 344
​A203​Actuarial Science 388
​A204​Actuarial Science 346 and
​Mathematical Statistics 364
​A205​Module in BComHons
​A301​Module in BComHons
​A302​Module in BComHons

The University only recommends exemptions to the Actuarial Society of South Africa once the student has completed his/her degree.

Exemptions from subjects in Part F1 can be obtained as part of a Postgraduate Diploma or Master's degree. in Actuarial Science.