Political Science
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Dr Sarah Pugh


BA (University of Victoria); MA (Dalhousie University), PhD (University of Guelph)

​Teaching specialisation

Development studies; migration and development; migration and health; global health governance comparative politics.

​​Research Interests

Politics and governance of global health, migration policy; human migration and development in Southern Africa.

​Current research projects

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Post-doctoral Fellow; exploring the role of NGOs as street-level mediators of migrants' access to health rights.

​​Selected recent publications

Pugh, Sarah. (2014) "Advocacy in the Time of Xenophobia: Civil Society, the State, and the Politics of Migration in South Africa" Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies, 41 (2).

Pugh, Sarah. (2010). "Examining the Interface between HIV/AIDS, Religion and Gender in Sub-Saharan Africa" Canadian Journal of African Studies. 44 (3).

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Prince, Bridgette, Sarah Pugh and Sharon Kleintjes (eds) (2007). Skills-Building for Gender Mainstreaming in HIV/AIDS: Research and Practice (Seminar Proceedings), Human Sciences Research Council Press, Cape Town, South Africa.

​Pugh, Sarah. (Dec 2005). "Book Review: HIV/AIDS and Democratic Governance in South Africa: Illustrating the Impact on Electoral Processes" Journal of the Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance.