Political Science
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Prof Pieter Fourie


BA Hons, MA (US), D Litt et Phil (UJ).

​​​Teaching specialisation

Political Economy, International Relations, Global Health, Public Policy.

​​Research interests

Global health governance; the political epidemiology of development and inequality; and the politics of HIV and AIDS

​​​Current research projects

Co-Investigator: 'Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration: A comparative analysis of SADC and UNASUR health policies' project; Co-Investigator: 'Gender Justice in the Post-MDG Environment' project; The evolution of global health governance and the political economy of the global health industry; The evolution of AIDS/health feminism(s); and Future scenario studies on health issues in the global south.


1.      Books and Monographs
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 2.      Chapters in books
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 3.      Peer reviewed journal articles
Lotter, J & Fourie, P (2019) 'Queer-on-Queer Violence: Homopopulism & African LGBTQ Mobility'. Politikon [forthcoming].
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4.      Other academic publications
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 5.      Press and popular publications
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 6.         Fiction

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