General Linguistics
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Honours in General Linguistics

This programme focuses on the central assumptions and concepts in modern linguistic research. Students can specialise in various domains, including, language structure, language use, second-language acquisition, language variety, language disorder ...

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PGDip in Second Language Studies

This programme focuses on aspects of the phenomenon of second languages, and investigates the nature, properties and acquisition of second languages from a general linguistic and a psycholinguistic perspective.

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PGDip in Intercultural Communication

​This programme is designed for professionals who routinely communicate, or who educate or manage others who communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries, and those with ​an academic interest in the phenomenon of intercultural communication.

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MA in General Linguistics

​​This programme provides students with the high-level skills needed to understand and do research on issues relating to langua​ge structure and use, language acquisition, language variation, multilingualism, ​language disorders...

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MA in Second Language Studies

​​This programme aims ​to equip language teachers, ​translators, interpreters, etc. with knowledge of current linguistic insights into the central aspects of second languages, and an understanding of the research methodology used to examine them.

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MA in Intercultural Communication

​The aim of this programme is to equip students with knowledge of current insights into language-related aspects of intercultural communication, and an understanding of the theoretical approaches and research methods used to examine this phenomenon.​

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