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Research: Dissertations

Current Projects

"Jesus and the Marginalized: Messianic Identity in Mark."
BD Anshiso, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"Cosmogonic presuppositions of matter in Hebrews in first-century philosophical context."
RY Benjamin, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"Conditionality in Biblical Hebrew."
WE Bivin, Ph.D. (Biblical Languages), Promoter: CHJ van der Merwe.

"'n Literêr-teologiese studie van die metafoor in die evangelie volgens Johannes."
J Bohnen, D.Th. (NT), Promotor: J Punt.

"The Law and the Gentiles in Acts 15: Divine Authority between the Scriptures of Israel and Jesus on the Law."
H Chen, D.Th. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"Temporal adjuncts in Biblical Hebrew narrative."
JF Coakley, Ph.D. (Ancient Languages), Promoter: CHJ van der Merwe.

"Dialoguing with Luke 1 through contemporary ethnopoetic translations and performances."
NA Esala, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"Reconciliation in the Gospel of Luke - A Socio-historical study."
G Etukumana, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: MJ Nel.

"The pastoral letter in early Christianity up to the early fifth century C.E."
J Kim, Ph.D. (Biblical Languages), Promoter: JC Thom.

"How Faith Works in James 4:13-5:20: An Exegetical-Theological Interpretation."
JG Kim, D.Th. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"Causal relationships encoded by ki in Biblical Hebrew: A cognitive linguistic analysis."
C Locatell, Ph.D. (Ancient Languages), Promoter: CHJ van der Merwe.

"Realised eschatology in the Fourth Gospel."
KM Maina, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"The motif of contrast (ouv ... avlla) in Mt 15:10. A historical and exegetical study of Matthew's presentation of Jesus' ethic of defilement in the early Christian community."
FM M'Bwangi, D.Th. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"The Torah and Community Formation: A Comparative Study of Matt 22:34-40 and Rom 13:8-14."
ES Mekonnen, Ph.D. (NT), Promoters: J Punt & MJ Nel.

"A structural exegetical perspective on the Adam-humanity relationship in Romans."
ES Min, D.Th. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"Is Jesus king? a critical examination of Paul's thought in the context of the Hellenistic kingship topos."
J More, Ph.D. (Ancient Cultures), Promoter: JC Thom.

"Snakes on a Stick: An Exegetical Study of Pentateuchal Serpent Passages Against The Background of Ancient Near Eastern Understanding of Serpents."
Y Naresh, Ph.D. (OT), Promoter: LC Jonker.

"The Biblical Hebrew prepositions tahat, 'al, 'ahar and lifney/mifney: a cognitive linguistic account."
D Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Ancient Languages), Promoter: CHJ van der Merwe.

"Cosmogonic presuppositions of matter in Hebrews in first-century philosophical context."
B Roja Yaurie, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"Unclean Spirit(s) in Mark: A Socio-Rhetorical Analysis of Mark 1.21-28."
A Sema, Ph.D. (NT), Promoters: MJ Nel & AEJ Mouton.

"The centrality of Israel in Pauline Theology: An exegetical-theological study of Rom 11:17-24."
S Sen, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"A socio-rhetorical interpretation of repetition in the Book of Ecclesiastes."
J Shin, Ph.D. (OT), Promoter: HL Bosman.

"Maranatha as a hermeneutical key to reinterpreting the Implicatory Psalms."
SJP Slabbert, D.Th. (OT), Promoters: LC Jonker & J Punt.

"Male Gender Construction and Representation in Paul: Reading Romans and 1 Thessalonians through a Gender-Critical, Postcolonial Optic."
R Stegman, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"'WHO ARE YOU, LORD?' Paul's Encounter with the Risen Lord on the Road to Damascus: An integrative study of the texts in Acts of the Apostles."
J Webster, Ph.D. (NT), Promoter: J Punt.

"The Relationships of the Senses of Nepheshin the Hebrew Bible: A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective."
D Witthoff, Ph.D. (Ancient Languages), Promoter: CHJ van der Merwe.

Completed Projects