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Farai Mubaiwa is an active intersectional African feminist. She is currently pursuing a BComm Management Accounting Honours at Stellenbosch University. This year Farai serves on the Student Representative Council as the Manager for Womxn Empowerment.  Farai also heads Africa Matters, an African initiative to change the African narrative, create a platform for African academics and critical engagement, and to ensure fair media reporting. She is passionate about Africa and aims to contribute immensely to the Africa rising narrative.


Malira  Masoabi is an international student from Lesotho who studied and obtained her BSc degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (2011), her BSc Hons in Genetics (2013) and her MSc in Genetics-Plant Biotechnology (2016) from Stellenbosch University. She is currently enrolling for her PhD (Stellenbosch University), which is focussed on applying various biotechnology techniques (genetic engineering, physical and chemical mutagenesis) to enhance drought tolerance in sugarcane. Furthermore, Ms Masoabi is also an academic mentor for the Genetics 214 module. She is also involved in leadership programmes on- and off- campus, she is currently the chairperson of the African Students' Board, a collaborated body comprising of the Stellenbosch University Postgraduate and International office (SU-PGIO), the Student Representative council (SRc) and African country societies registered with Stellenbosch University. She is also the vice-chairperson of the student forum executive committee of the Department of Genetics.  Lastly, she is the vice-chairperson of the newly formed International Students' Association of South Africa (ISASA), a body comprised of international student representatives from different South African Universities with the aim to advocate the interests of international students in South African tertiary education institutions by developing and maintaining strategic links to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Department of Higher Education and Training as well as the South Africa Union of Students (SAUS) .  'Malira believes that anyone can be successful in anything, but only emotional intelligence will sustain that success!


Liana Letabo Maheso is a second year BA International Studies student at Stellenbosch University, she is an intersectional feminist and a social justice activist.  She is originally from Pretoria. When she is not working on her studies. She likes being involved in formal and informal organisational structures. She is currently the Public Relations and Marketing officer for the Black Management Forum Stellenbosch Chapter and the Sustainability Executive of the United Nations Associations of South Africa, Stellenbosch Chapter. She was actively part of #FeesMustFall and #EndRapeCulture movement at Stellenbosch. Furthermore, she serves on the Stellenbosch Municipality Million Trees Project executive board. She thinks of herself as driven and outgoing person. She enjoys trying out new things and engaging with people. The things she loves most in life are African politics, playing hockey, reading books and attending events.

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Patrick Nwabueze OKONKWO** currently serves as the Chair of the Nigerian students' society on campus and also serves as treasurer on the executive committee of the African Students' Boards. In addition, Patrick is a PhD candidate at the department of Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering and management division) Stellenbosch University, where he is conducting research in the area of construction risk management. He received his M.Eng Civil Engineering degree from Stellenbosch university, and his B.Eng (Civil) degree from the University of Benin, Nigeria.


Reanne Denise Olivier is Haitian-American from New York and has been living in South Africa for the past five years. Reanne has a BA in Political Science and History and is currently doing her Honours in International Studies at Stellenbosch University (SU). She currently is the SRC Appointed Member for Gender Identity & Sexuality. During her years at Stellenbosch she was the founder and chairperson of SECS (Society for Empowering Community through Sexual Health). Which is a student based society which aimed to facilitate critical thinking amongst our student body pertaining to the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of sexual health. She is also the Student Program Manager of Listen, Live and Learn Initiative at SU and also is the Head of Operations for Africa Matters. Africa Matters is an imitative that places emphasis on the importance and relevance of Africa and Africans within the continent and global community. She values the importance of unity and togetherness in the African continent and has a passion for gender, sexuality, sex and African relations.


Anelisiwe Hatto  is currently a third year student in International Studies at Stellenbosch University.  He is a graduate of the Leadership Beyond Boarders, Beyond Boarders, and Facilitative Leadership Short courses.  He is currently on the Africa Matters Initiative team, heading the African Union.   In 2014, he was selected to represent South Africa at the One Young World annual Summit in Dublin, Ireland.  He is currently student a student intern at the Postgraduate & International Office. Anelisiwe believes deeply in youth leadership development and empowering the youth by providing them with opportunities to enhance their interests, skills and abilities.  


Patrick Kadima is a final year student in the Faculty of Arts and Social sciences. In 2014 he became the Stellenbosch Political Science Students Association President as well as student parliament Deputy chair in 2014. In 2015 he was part of the Student Representative council sub- committee for the Internal and external Liaison portfolio, as well as the student relation subcommittee. In 2015 he also served as the Student Union representative on the Institutional forum (Statutory body). Patrick in 2015 was also a recipient of the UK University of Nottingham 3rd world scholarship for summer school in Malaysia. He has written editorial opinions for the Cape Times, the Citizen and New Age newspapers.  The United Cities and Local Governments of Africa invited him to participate at its 7th summit with mayors and ministers from across the continent. In 2016 He was invited by the United Habitat Office to participate in the United Nations Habitat regional Thematic Meeting in Pretoria in which they adopted the Pretoria Declaration for Habitat iii to be presented in Ecuador this coming October.  

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Vyasna Mahadevey is a 22 year old postgraduate student currently completing her Bachelor of Law degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, having completed her Bachelor of commerce at the same University in 2015. Born and raised in Durban, it was not long before she spent her forthcoming years moving throughout South Africa, to finally settle in Johannesburg. These extensive travels gave exposure to the true needs and calls for change within society. With a passion for helping people and credible leadership skills, Vyasna pursued the legal profession in hope to bring about that change society craves - which appears to be an appropriate choice of seeing as she is driven by her personal mantra which is 'to always be of use'.