Plant Pathology
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Fusarium Research

The programme focuses on the characterisation and management of Fusarium spp. associated with Fusarium wilt and mycotoxin production in staple food crops, specifically related to the identification and characterisation of Fusarium.

Fruit & Postharvest Pathology

The main aim of this programme is to improve disease and decay control in deciduous fruit products, through the design of appropriate integrated disease management strategies, with reduced reliance on fungicides.

Grapevine Pathology

The programme focuses on the etiology and epidemiology of trunk diseases of grapevine, pome and stone fruit trees, and the use of Trichoderma species in the control of grapevine trunk diseases. Phytosanitary support is provided to the Deciduous fruit industry (DFPT).

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Citrus Pathology

​Various conventional and novel application technologies are evaluated and optimised in citrus orchards and packhouses.

The epidemiology of Citrus Black Spot is studied to understand and predict its behaviour under climatically diverse conditions.

Oomycete and Soilborne Pathogens

Soilborne fruit tree diseases investigated are Apple Replant Disease (ARD), Root rot of Avocado and Citrus Decline.

Onion Pathology focuses on Fusarium basal rot and postharvest pathogens.