Plant Pathology
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BScAgric in Plant Pathology (Plant and Soil Sciences)

The program is subdivided into 3 fields of study:

  • Crop Productions: In this field of study, you will receive training in the production and quality management of field crops, deciduous fruit, citrus, fynbos, vineyard and greenhouse crops.
  • Crop Protection and Breeding: This field of study trains you as an expert in crop protection (entomological and nematological pests, plant diseases and their control) and genetic crop improvement (cultivation and manipulation).
  • Soil and Water Management:  This field of study equips you with the expertise to understand the nature, importance and management of soil and water as they relate to crop production. 

Postgraduate studies

HonsBSc (Plant Pathology)

MSc (Plant Pathology)

PhD (Plant Pathology)