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Goals & Objectives



To control the current disease outbreak of banana Fusarium wilt (Foc TR4) in Mozambique and to prepare other African countries that rely on banana for food security and income generation, against similar incursions.




  1. Convene a stakeholder planning meeting to refine strategy, activities, timelines and responsibilities to prevent and mitigate incursions of Foc TR4 into Africa
  2. Map, contain and manage current outbreaks of banana Fusarium wilt at Metocheria farm, Mozambique
  3. Develop and implement a knowledge-based awareness campaign to facilitate the early detection and eradication of Foc TR4 in Africa 
  4. Educate and train regional scientists and quarantine officials in the detection, identification and control of banana Fusarium wilt in Africa
  5. Create a phased observation system, based on targeted surveillance and supported by appropriate diagnostics, to detect and combat incursions of Foc TR4 in Africa
  6. Introduce biosecurity legislation on the movement of planting material within and between African countries
  7. Establish screening programmes in Asia to select Foc TR4-resistant East African Highland banana, plantain, ABB cooking banana, Sukali Ndizi and their hybrids
  8. Develop projects to introduce resistance against Foc TR4 into African bananas by cross-breeding
  9. Determine the adaptability of Foc TR4-resistant Cavendish somaclonal selections from Asia to African banana-growing conditions
  10. Develop delivery pathways in Africa to provide appropriate and preferred resistant planting material to farmers.



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