Forestry & Wood Science
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The Department of Forest and Wood Science (DFWS) has historically been tasked specifically with the enrichment of forest and wood science through basic and applied research, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and community outreach in South Africa.

The DFWS has strengthened its original mandate and is a recognised international leader in this regard. Teaching, research and development services are provided to a full spectrum of stakeholders, both locally and internationally, which include the South African and international commercial forestry sector, government and other public forestry branches, NGOs and society. The DFWS has a small team of dedicated lecturers and researchers, supported by knowledgeable and experienced technical and administrative staff.

The Department’s strength lies in the fact that it is the only tertiary education institution in South Africa to provide an educational offering at BSc, MSc and PhD levels in both Forest and Natural Resource and Wood Products Science.  The presence of these two major disciplines under one roof enables the DFWS to address the full forestry value chain, from forest establishment and silviculture, forest management, timber harvesting and transport, and forest economics to secondary processing for structural lumbercomposite materials, bio-energy and other value added products. ​​