Forestry & Wood Science
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Extraordinary Professors and Lecturers


Mr Cori Ham​​

​Affiliated with:​​ ​Margules​ Groome Consulting ​

Field of expertise: ​Forest Economics


Dr Pierre Ackerman 

Affiliated with: University of Stellenbosch

Field of expertise: Forest Management and Forest Ecology



Dr Michela Nocetti

Affiliated with: CNR IBE, Institute of Bioeconomy, Italy​​​

Field of expertise: Wood Production and Promotion


Prof Mike Jacobson

Affiliated with: Pennsylvania State University, USA

Fiel​d of expertise: Forest Management

Prof Thomas Seifert

Affiliated with: Scientes Mondium UG, Germany / Linnaeus University, ​Sweden

Field of expertise: 


Prof Klaus von Gadow

Affiliated with: Professor in Emeritus

Field of expertise: Forest Management


Dr Andre Nel

Affiliated with​: Sappi, South Africa

Field of expertise: 


​Dr Steven B. Dovey

Affiliated with​: Sappi, South Africa

Field of expertise: Silviculture