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     Trees are     spectacular organisms and one of the Earth's greatest and most important natural resources. Their contribution to the effective regulation of our environment and atmosphere is priceless.


​The end product from trees, wood, is the material of the future:

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Stellenbosch University is instrumental in educating our future scientists. It is the only university in South Africa offering a comprehensive four-year BSc degree programme in both Forest Science and Wood Product Science, thus covering the entire forestry value chain. Students enjoy the advantages of a stimulating and diverse programme of study involving research and study in the forests, winelands and mountains of Stellenbosch, as well as versatile employment prospects both nationally and internationally.

The Department of Forest and Wood Science is the only tertiary education institution in South Africa to provide an educational offering at BSc, MSc and PhD levels in both Forest and Natural Resource and Wood Products Science.  The presence of these two major disciplines under one roof enables the DFWS to address the full forestry value chain, from forest establishment and silvicultureforest managementtimber harvesting and transport, and forest economics to secondary processing for composite materialsbio-energy and other value added products.  

Undergraduate programme


Forest Science & Natural Resource Management

Wood Product Science

  • Silvi​​culture
  • Forest Management
  • Remote Sensing
  • Forest Engineering
  • Forest Economics
  • ​Wood Material Science
  • Wood Processing
  • Product & Process Design
  • Business Management
  • Engineering
The course is structured to give students a holistic understanding of forests, the environment and plantations, including forest ecology, forest measurement and modelling, watershed dynamics, harvesting methods and system, and logistics, forest planning and policy and other interesting aspects of Natural Resource Management. Students also spend significant time outdoors or on field trips to observe current forestry practices. The structure of the course allows for broad, but also in-depth exposure to scientific, economic, technical and social aspects.
The course consists of a unique combination of Wood Products Science, Engineering and Business Management subjects. Students learn about all aspects of wood science and production such as wood anatomy and identification, wood chemistry and preservation, wood mechanics and wood product manufacturing. This is complemented by a variety of engineering modules focusing on manufacturing technology, business management, and industrial engineering. The course also involves field trips and practical training periods.

Career Opportunities​

​ ​Stellenbosch University graduates are recognized as being world-class. Studies have shown that Wood processing facilities and timber growers employ an extremely high percentage of Stellenbosch graduates. Our emphasis is to produce versatile managers and researchers with the skills to manage and understand all the intricacies of technology transfer. This provides our graduates with fantastic career opportunities and allows them to diversify in other related industries.
Opportunities range from entrepreneurial enterprises to the corporate environment-locally and abroad. These include managerial, technical, conservation or research-oriented careers.


Forest Science
- For a sustainable future

Wood Science
- Discover the versatility of wood

For Example:

• Forest Ecologist/ Planner
• Forestry Consultant or Contractor
• Natural Resource Manager
• Production Manager
• Tree Breeder/ Timber Grower
• Researcher/ Forestry Scientist
• Environmental Planner
• Logistics Manager
• Rural Development Advisor
• Extension Officer
• Land-use Manager

For Example:

• Product Developer/ Researcher
• Plant/ Saw mill Manager
• Production Manager
• Entrepreneur/ Business Owner
• Manufacturing Engineer
• Board Product Manufacturer
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Furniture Design / Manufacturer
• Laminated Product Manufacturer
• Veneer and Plywood Manufacturer
• Window and Door Manufacturer


A large percentage of our students obtain bursaries from industry, government and the university. Contact Ms Gretchen Dube for information on bursaries available. 

Click here to view current available bursaries:​ DFWS Postgrad bursaries 2023.pdf


​​Tel: +27 21 808 3323

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