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​​​​​​The time you spent in a residence while studying at Stellenbosch University will for most people call up good memories. Some of your closest friendships were most probably started in the hallways of your 'res'. As an alumnus of the University, by making a donation you can give back to your old residence and ensure that other students share in the same positive experiences you had when you were a student. 

​To make an online gift, click on the country where you reside and follow the simple steps. 

flag_rsa_websize.jpg South Africa​

flag_usa_websize.jpg United States of America​ ​

flag_uk_websize.jpg United Kingdom

flag_world_square_web.jpg Elsewhere in the world:

First National Bank; Bank address: 5th Floor, Media City nr 1, Heerengracht, Foreshore, Cape Town; Account Name: Stellenbosch University – Foreign income; Account Number: 621 0717 7083; Branch Code:  204 109; S.W.I.F.T. address:  FIRNZAJJ796. (Send proof of payment to Lorenza George:​, or fax to either +27 21 808 3026 or +27 865 695 372.)


Below is a list of, with links to their websites, all of the active residences that are connected to Stellenbosch University and the Alumni office.

Women's ResidencesMen's ResidencesCo-Ed ​​ResidencesTygerberg Campus

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