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Terms & Conditions

Calls for applications and registrations

  • Calls for applications to attend the ADA's ​hybrid Winter School 2023 are open now. Only applications submitted through the ADA's application portal found on the ADA's website will be accepted.
  • Calls for applications close on 2 June 2023 (Step 1)​. Final date for registration and  payment is 5 June 2023.
  • Following the approval of the submitted application, an email will be sent with instructions to complete a registration form (Step 2), together with all associated course fees so that we may also generate you an invoice.
  • Be sure to adhere strictly to given instructions. Incomplete or erroneous registrations will be rejected.
  • Instructions given will contain links to register on Stellenbosch University's Short Course System. Follow all provided links for completion of registration. Provide required information as accurately as possible.
  • Options on Short Course System relating to “Payment Responsibility":
    • ​“Company": Select this option if a company/employer will pay for attendance. A tax invoice will be generated and forwarded to the payment contact person for payment.
    • “Department (Stellenbosch University)": Select this option if an internal department at Stellenbosch University will pay for attendance. A notification will be generated and forwarded to the payment contact person for payment.
    • “Self": Select this option if applicant will be responsible to pay for their attendance. A notification will be generated and forwarded to your email inbox (also check spam/junk mail) for payment. A tax invoice will only be generated upon email request.


  • Placement in a course can only be guaranteed by payment by 5 June 2023. Therefore, enrolment for attendance can only be confirmed once all outstanding fees are settled.
  • Standard rates will apply until 5 June 2023. Final date for payment is 5 June 2023.
  • Fees payable for online courses cover online course materials and online teaching. Fees payable for in-person courses cover online course materials, teaching, catering, and network access. 

Change of courses

  • Once a registration is completed, the ADA will only allow a change in course in exceptional circumstances and if there is space in the new course requested.
  • Once a registration is completed and payment is received, the ADA will not permit a change in courses.


  • A verified Digital Short Course Certificate will be awarded to all participants that successfully complete their course.
  • Failure to attend sessions as well as failure to complete all activities specific to your course, will result in failing the course.
  • A printed certificate may be requested, from the Short Course division, at an additonal cost as well as courier charges


Winter School 2023​

  • The last day for withdrawal from the ADA's Summer School is 2 June 2023. Applicants will receive a 50% refund up until 2 June 2023. After this date there will be no refund unless someone else can take your place​. 
  • ​The ADA reserves the right to cancel a course.​​
Please review our terms & conditions page on a regular basis for any updates.