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African Doctoral Academy Scholarships

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Applications will close at 23:59 hours on 12 May 2024​ (SAST)​. ​​

Call for applications: African Doctoral Academy Winter School 2024 ADA​​ Scholarships  ​
The African Doctoral Academy (ADA) at Stellenbosch University is privileged to offer a limited number of candidates, at the start of their doctoral careers, the opportunity to attend research, publishing, scientific communication and career-related training courses at the ADA Hybrid Winter School that takes place from 24 June - 19 July 2024. ​

This call is open to all doctoral candidates that are within the first 18 months of their doctoral degree, across all institutions and disciplines. Some of the scholarships are specifically for delegates from institutions that are a partner university of Stellenbosch University. 

The ADA will be hosting the 2024 ​Hybrid Winter School​. All courses are certified by Stellenbosch University and an electronic certificate will be issued to delegates that meet the requirements.

Successful applicants will be able to enrol for a course, which will be fully funded, during the Winter School. Applicants may select a first and second choice of course. The value of the award will depend on the course selected by the candidate, as well as other related costs such as travel, accommodation for in-person courses. For online courses only the course fee will be covered (this excludes​ data, internet, etc.). The full Winter School Programme can be found online on the website (click here). ​

To apply, please complete the form below. Applications close at 23:59 hours (GMT+2) on ​12 May 2024 - you can only submit the application form once all supporting documentation have been uploaded. Delegates will be informed of the outcome of their applications by 24 May 2023.

Eligible candidates should:

  1. Be ​in the early phases of their PhD (first 18 months), can be from any di​​scipline 
  2. Be accepted and enrolled at their home institution by 24 June 2024​ and, 
  3. Have been enrolled for no more than 18 months by 24 June​ 2024.

Application Process:​

  1. Complete the online form
  2. Applicants can only apply for one course during the school but may indicate a first and second choice (if applicable). We will endeavour to give you the course of your choice as far as possible.
  3. Upload the specified documents as part of the application process. No documents will be accepted by email. Please make use of the following naming convention: your surname.document_type (for example smit.curriculumvitae.doc). (See application form for required documents)
Your application will not be considered as com​plete if you do not submit all the required documentation in full by the closing date. To submit the form, all required documents must be submitted simultaneously.

Required additional documents:​

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. A formal proof of registration at your home institution, clearly indicating your registration date for your doctoral degree
  3. A written approval/referee report by your supervisor
    • ​On your university letterhead and containing your supervisor's signature (of the current (home) supervisor) or head of department to endorse the applicant's application. This will indicate the home supervisor's/head of department’s approval for the applicant to participate in the ADA's Doctoral School and provide legitimacy of applicant's intention.​
    • Additional credit will be awarded during the evaluation process if your supervisor motivates your application and suitability for the programme, in addition to endorsing your application.

Please note: ​​

  • The ADA reserves the right not to make any selections for the programme
  • The ADA also reserves the right to rescind any scholarship awards made, including if the delegate is unable to commit to the programme's full duration
  • Candidates who have benefitted from African Doctoral Academy or other funding via Stellenbos​​​ch University International in the last 18 – 24 months will be placed on the secondary list of applications to ensure an equitable distribution of funds available
  • Female candidates and candidates registered at an African University will be credited additionally during the evaluation process
  • Preference will be given to African (including South African) students studying at institutions in Africa​​

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