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Accounts Payable


Create a creditor's code​


How to pay a ​creditor​

With each order issued by the purchasing system, you have to complete a physical receipt action through the decentralised environment on Tera Term after receipt of goods or services.   Send the physical invoice for payment to Division Financial Creditors who will provide a payment advice to the supplier after settlement.

Payment ter​ms

  • Payments of creditors settled according to the agreed payment terms of which the standard 30 days after invoice or 30 days after statement applies.    
  • Establish measures to shorten the payment period if SU could benefit financially.  In such a case, the supplier has to direct a written confirmation that invoices paid within 7 days are subject to a percentage rebate or discount. 
  • Credit limits are valid; therefore, it is critical that payments should occur within the payment terms to prevent accounts to be placed on hold.   ​