​​​​​​​​​​​​​Partner with SU

Partnerships.jpg​​SU International, and specifically its working group for partnership development, are responsible for preparing memorandums of understanding and other cooperation agreements between Stellenbosch University and higher education or related institutions abroad.

Agreements may be established to formalise cooperation in fields such as:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate student exchanges;
  • staff exchanges/sabbaticals;​
  • summer school student participation or exchanges;
  • joint research projects;
  • establishing new programmes;
  • exchange of information and publications;
  • conf erences and workshops;
  • access to scientific and analytical facilities; and
  • joint or double degree programmes.

If you are contemplating initiating a staff exchange, consider:

  • who will be the host department/faculty;
  • what costs will be covered by the host (housing, stipend, flights);
  • what costs will be covered by the home institution (housing, stipend, flights);
  • whether there will be any research costs involved; and
  • whether any external funding will be received.

For those wanting to initiate a student exchange, consider:

  • the issue of tuition waivers, which are granted centrally for institutional student exchanges, or by the faculty for department/faculty-level student exchanges;
  • whether this will involve a travel grant application, keeping in mind that preference is given to students in institutional exchanges;
  • whether the conditions of the envisaged exchange agreement will be conducive to two-way mobility;
  • that all incoming exchange students to SU are required to pay the exchange administrative fee (EAF), which includes the international registration fee (IRF) and a service fee; and
  • whether there is any external funding available.
For partnerships on the continent, please contact the Centre for Collaboration in Africa ​at networks@sun.ac.za ​