African Doctoral Academy
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​​​The ADA's ultimate goal is to support knowledge production in Africa by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of masters and doctoral graduates in South Africa and beyond. To this end, the ADA runs bi-annual training courses which are aimed at both expanding and adding depth to the knowledge pool and skillset of masters, doctoral and post-doctoral academics.

2018 Winter School Presenters' Assistants (SU delegates):

The ADA's 9th annual Summer School takes place from 28 June to 13 July 2018 and we are delighted to announce that we are able to provide funding for a small group of Stellenbosch University PhD candidates and postdocs to work as Presenters' Assistants (PAs) once again.

PAs assist our workshop presenters with their day-to-day administrative tasks, ensuring that the workshop flows as smoothly as possible. In exchange, PAs are afforded the opportunity to gain experience in running an international conference and network with academics from across Africa. The cost of your course and certification is also included in the position (but not the cost of textbooks, where applicable).

Typical responsibilities would include the following

  • Managing access to the workshop's lecture room
  • Managing and maintaining the daily attendance register
  • Assisting delegates and the presenter with Inetkey access or Wi-Fi access
  • Assisting the presenter with arranging or making course material handouts
  • Assisting with initial course registration at the beginning of the week
  • Capturing course feedback after the school.

In order to be eligible for the programme, you must be about to enrol or already enrolled for your PhD at Stellenbosch University. Alternatively, you qualify for this position if you are currently a post-doctoral fellow registered at Stellenbosch University. One PA position is available per workshop.

To apply, please complete this formIn addition to requiring your details, we ask you to motivate why you would be a good candidate to receive an assistantship - we would like to know how attending the workshop will impact on your studies and research, your development as a lecturer or increasing capacity in your department. We will require you to pay R40 for the cost of your certification and textbooks where applicable, but all other aspects of the scholarship includes the standards like course materials and refreshments.

Please send the following documents to

  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • A short letter of motivation on how attending the workshop will impact on your studies and research, your development as a lecturer or increasing capacity in your department

We reserve the right not to appoint a PA to a course, and also to recruit a PA from a previous presentation of the course should they want to cement their skills in the field.

Applications close: 4 May 2018 at the Early Bird cut-off date.