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Babies born to mums with HIV face higher risks even though they’re HIV negative born to mums with HIV face higher risks even though they’re HIV negative
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Latest InitiativesView all Initiatives​​​​ lectures to health care personnel of MediclinicSA for the sake of continued professional development​​Giving lectures to health care personnel of MediclinicSA for the sake of continued professional development. Six such lectures were offered in 2018, at the following venues: Mediclinic Stellenbosch, Mediclinic Vergelegen, Mediclinic Panorama, Mediclinic Constantia, Mediclinic Milnerton, Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt1013 talks (on invitation) about actual topics, mainly in the field of ethics and politics​​​Giving talks (on invitation) about actual topics, mainly in the field of ethics and politics. The following talks (all by AA van Niekerk) have been given in 2018: 1. Researh ethics and integrity. Research Indaba of Stellenbosch University Engineering Faculty, Stellenbosch, 30 November 2017;  2. Two lectures on the Philosophy of History, UCT Summer School, Cape Town, 18-19 January 2018; 3. Kan ons sin maak van die dood?, Two lectures at Stellenbosch Wekgeegen Congregation, 18 + 25 February 2018. [Can we make sense of death?];  4. Oor Kant, Crosby en visse op Laingsburg: Meditasies op pad na 100%. Filosofiekafee, Woordfees, Stellenbosch, 5 March 2018. [On Kant, Crosby and a fish at Laingsburg: Meditations en route to 100%];  5. The ethics of assisted death. Panel discussion of F Van Zyl Sabbert Discussion Series, Woordfees, 7 March 2018; 6. Ethics and the genetic manipulation of embryos. Science Café, Woordfees, 7 March 2018;  7. Question and answer session with Solly Benatar at Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race Exhibition, Cape Town, 11 March 2018; 8. Die dood en die sin van die lewe. Lecture at Elardus Park Congregation, Pretoria, 16 March 2018;  9. Is 'decolonisation' a legitimate and appropriate vale in the research enterprose? 7th Annual ARESA Seminar, Spier, Stellenbosch, 25 May 2018; 10. Science, research and ethics, Seminar for all PhD students, Faculty of Science, US, 16 May 2018; 11. Ethical issues in the relationship between doctors and patients. Mediclinic Conferences, Panorama clinic, Parow, 14 April 2018, Stellenbosch Mediclinic 24 May 2018 and Vergelegen Mediclinic, Somerset West, 21 June 2018; 12. Gesprek met Danie Strauss oor Die dood en die sin van die lewe, Vrystraatse Kultuurfees, 11 Julie 2018; 13. Panel of VZ Slabbert Institute about euthanasia, 25 July 2018; 14. Opening address of Studio G and Village & Life Art Gallery in Bay Hotel, Kamps Bay, 27 July 2018; 15. Key Note speaker at Conference of SA Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASSA), UCT, Cape Town, 4 August 2018.1015 leadership through articles in public press​Articles written (mostly on invitation) about public, political and particylarly ethics issues in public press. The following have appeared in 2018 (all authored by AA van Niekerk): 1. “Ons gewete: Huldeblyk aan Sampie Terreblanche", Die Burger, 19 February 2018, p.11, also in: Beeld, 19 February 2018, p. 5. [Our conscience: obituary of Sampie Terreblance];  2. “Ons wag op die kaptein" (Ramaphosa eerste 100 dae), Beeld, 26 May 2018. [We wait on the captain]. pp. 16-17;  3. "Rugby se eindfluitjie?", Beeld & Netwerk 24, 28 June 2018, p. 21; 4. “Is decolonisation a legitimate and appropriate value in the research enterprise?", ARESA Newsletter, vol. 8, no. 1, July 2018, pp. 6-7; 5. “Helde: Madiba is dood en sal nie opstaan nie", Netwerk 24, 19 July 2018. [Heroes: Madiba is dead and will not rise]; 6. “Jou held nie my held nie" onderhoud met Willemien Brümmer, Die Burger, 25 July 2018, p. 11. [Your hero not my hero] [Ook op Netwerk 24 onder opskrif: “Afrikaners moet nou nuwe helde kies"]; 7. “Morele inbors geld China, maar óók SA", Beeld, 28 July 2018. [Moral fibre expected from China, but also SA]; 8. “Afriforum moet hom nóú aan gronddebat onttrek", onderhoud met Willemien Brümmer, Netwerk 24, 22 Augustus 2018. [Afriform must withdraw from land debate now]; 9. “Erger as 'n nagmerrie", Beeld, 25 September 2018, p. 13. [Worse than a nightmare];  10. “Nene: Ons is nog nie in 'n morele paradys nie", Interview with Willemien Brümmer about resignation of Nhlanlha Nene as Minister of Finance. Netwerk 24, 11 October 2018.1014

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