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SU collaborates with partners to provide relief in time of need collaborates with partners to provide relief in time of need
Living School Garden breaking new ground School Garden breaking new ground
‘I can read’ project empowers learners AND students‘I can read’ project empowers learners AND students
Entrepreneurship project gives young people new hope project gives young people new hope
Financial Literacy Project aims to inform and empower Literacy Project aims to inform and empower



The Amanzi Yimpilo project Amanzi Yimpilo project




SU facilitates creation of Lückhoff Living Museum facilitates creation of Lückhoff Living Museum2019-10-26T10:00:00Z
MGD Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting 2019-09-26T16:30:00Z
2019 Social Impact Symposium Social Impact Symposium2019-09-06T06:30:00Z



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Latest InitiativesView all Initiatives​​​​ Building in Leadership and Management in the Primary Health Care Sector The annual review, since 2012 by the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) consistently demonstrates exceptionally low leadership and corporate governance and operational management performance in primary healthcare clinics across SA; two of the seven domain score measurements of healthcare in the country are affected. The 2014-15 review of 358 primary health care clinics reveal that 73.5% of these clinics were rated as clinically poor and non-compliant; the 2015-2016 review shows no improvement. Leadership and corporate governance of the clinics as a whole scored 14% and operational management 32.8%. This has a major impact on limiting the quality of service delivery at the front-line of health services across the country. Intense aggressive intervention is required to address this problem. This project thus seeks to address this challenge by providing capacity building in leadership and management for district and operational managers in the primary health care sector.​An accredited short course of 60 credits offered over a year providing capacity-building in leadership and management for operational and district managers of primary health care clinics in two provinces (Northern Cape and Mpumalanga). The project will run over three years, starting with an initial group of 60  participants in 2018 and reaching a further 60 each year over 2019 and 2020 (total reach of 180 over three years). • Participants for capacity building will be identified by Department of Health provincial authorities. • The annual capacity-building intervention will use a blended education methodology; which include a five-day contact session (face-to-face tuition), telematic education broadcasts (via satellite) three times per year for three hours per session, continuous education support by lecturers via the SunLearn e-learning platform, consultation telephonically or SKYPE.• Topics covered will include: risk management, principles of management and leadership, policy formulation and policy analysis, continuous quality improvement, infection control, disaster management, human resource management, and finances.​​1134 (Sharing Abundant Life Together)​​​​​​​Human rights in South Africa are not adequately met. This results in a lack of freedom of choice, unemployment, disempowerment and increased health issues. SALT believes that everybody should have equal opportunities and have their human rights met. SALT’s response to the challenges at hand is to provide opportunities for people to restore their dignity, establish food security, and have access to quality education. Every Thursday the women and under five children visit the NPO to access food and basic counselling on accessing basic services from the government. Our role is to bridge the gap with sexual and reproductive health education initiative every two Thursdays a month.​1118 student and industry communicationGiven the current situation experienced by SU students and staff, where load shedding affects SUNLearn and email usage together with a planned shift to online teaching, the introduction of a new effective communication channel for staff and students are needed. ​This initiative entails a WhatsApp communication channel for current and previous students studying in the field of Transport Economics to convey academic information and provide a mobile support system for students. This communication channel is arguably best fit in current setting as most people use the application on a daily basis. The main purpose of this initiative is to allow students to communicate with lecturers or demmies, even when this is not possible via conventional methods due to abovementioned situation.1239 Guidance in Forest and Wood Science​​​​Educating school learners about careers in Forest & Wood Science.1151 Allotment Garden Project​The Allotment Gardens project aims to provide an opportunity for interested SU students and staff to learn about growing crops on a small scale, for both personal use and potentially for charitable donations.Objectives will be:To engage students, many of whom will never have planted anything in their lives before, in the experience of small-scale vegetable gardening;To promote green and organic small-scale farming practices;To provide opportunities for participants to increase their understanding of the principles of gardening and agriculture, including inter-cropping, crop rotation, etc.;To engender a sense of responsibility towards a group project, so that the students take ownership of the garden;To involve participants in a community-orientated venture, namely the production of food for the related Living School Garden Project.1145 ProgrammeAn acceleration math programme for strong academic learners from disadvantaged schools. The programme will provide professional mathematics tutoring for high potential Grade 8 - 12 learners interested in a mathematics or science based career to supplement their mathematics education received at school. The aim is to increase university readiness by developing a deeper understanding of the prescribed Grade 8 - 12 mathematics syllabus as well as by giving exposure to advanced topics covered at university level, and to increase the number of high performing students from a disadvantaged background registering for a BCom/BSc (Mathematical Sciences) degree. ​Upon successful completion of the programme, bursaries will be offered to excellent Grade 12 learners to enrol for a BCom/BSc (Mathematical Sciences) degree with focus area in Operations Research. 1157

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