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Objectives & Principles


Stellenbosch University's Social Impact objectives are to:

  1. Conceptualise and theorise SI in higher education

  2. Establish integrated, systemic SI practices in faculties, professional academic support environments and student structures.

  3. Strengthen and expand institutional partnerships for increased SI.

  4. Demonstrate accountability through evidence-based evaluation of impact on society.



There are a number of key principles and values that form the basis of SU's Social Impact engagement:

  1. Collaboration is a key principle of SU's SI which values collective action to enact SI.  As a 21st century university SU collaborates with all spheres of a democratic society, as articulated in the so-called Quadruple Helix, namely government, industry and civil society.

  2. The principle of reciprocity demonstrates the impact on both the university and society in a mutually beneficial way.  

  3. The coordination of activities ensures that the University is aware of initiatives being undertaken and is able to identify suitable opportunities for engagement and collaboration and to balance its engagement footprint across geographic areas and stakeholder groups in an optimal manner. 

  4. ethical conduct provisions of SU must be strictly adhered to when engaging with stakeholders