Centre for Statistical Consultation​​​​​
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The Centre for Statistical Consultation (CSC) was founded in its current format in 2002 following a study that was done to determine the requirements for statistical consulting on campus.  The intended aim was to provide the university with a central unit, dedicated to ensuring that the results from analysis were accurate and acceptable for peer-reviewed journals, and also to speed up the through​ flow of post graduate students.

Thus, the CSC was established in its current form in 2002 by Prof Daan Nel and Prof Martin Kidd.  Prof Nel (previously a professor at the University of the Free State for more than 20 years as well as a statistician at Clover South Africa) was the first Director of the CSC.  Prof Martin Kidd, previously from the Institute for Maritime Technology, was also employed in 2002 as chief statistician, and  was subsequently appointed as the Director of the CSC in 2009.

Since its establishment in the current form the CSC has assisted more than 6000 students and researchers at the University of Stellenbosch, as well as students from other academic institutions and private companies and individuals.