• What is HEMIS and How do I go about Readmission?
      • Readmission Presentation 20112020 - A Daniels.pdf
        • ​All students not registered in 2020 due to academic exclusion may apply for readmission for 2021 - closing date 15 January 2021
      • Stellenbosch University has decided to grant all students enrolled in 2020 readmission to their academic programmes in 2021, i.e. irrespective of their academic performance, these students will not be excluded from continuing with their academic programmes in 2021. See announcement here.​
Each member of the AAC has been assigned to one or more Residence/PSO to bridge the gap between faculties and community leadership spaces by offering each community space a point of contact within the AAC to ensure academic excellence. 

  • Mental wellness & anti academic enhancement abuse:

This initiative was established to raise awareness for and in support of mental wellness, with a special focus on academic enhancement drug abuse. 

If you need any assistance, please contact SU's Centre for Student Counselling and Development:

  • Visit the CSCD website for more information: CSCD/ SSVO
  • CSCD ER24 hour emergency number: 010 205 3032

  • Inter-faculty collaboration:
Coordinating collaboration between academic faculties on all Stellenbosch Univerity campuses.