The Equality Unit offers various services and support to University staff and students. We facilitate the lodging of formal and informal complaints of unfair discrimination, harassment, victimisation and abuse; we work towards HIV prevention and do testing and counselling; we distribute condoms on our campuses; and we render LGBTQIA+ support services.

Reporting complaint​s

Staff and students can report and lodge official or unofficial, confidential complaints of unfair discrimination, harassment, victimisation or abuse. Please make use of the Unit's walk-in service at Simon Nkoli House, 39 Victoria Street, e-mail unfair@sun.ac.za, or call 021 808 3136 to make an appointment. A dedicated and professional anti-discrimination and harassment case officer will assist you. ​

HIV counselling and tes​ti​ng

To tackle HIV/Aids at SU, the Unit offers staff and students free HIV prevention measures, testing and counselling services. The Unit has a dedicated HIV manager who will assist you with any questions you might have on HIV/Aids.

Condom distribution

The Unit makes free male and female condoms available to students and staff. We also distribute condoms at various buildings on both the Stellenbosch and Tygerberg campuses, including all residences.

​LGBTQIA+ ​support services

The Unit offers counselling to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and allies (LGBTQIA+) individuals and communities. We conduct discussion groups and render support through training and development to enable, affirm and create a welcoming environment for all. 

Mediation support services

Mediation is the preferred method to solve conflict. With trained mediators, the Unit can assist you to deal such conflict – whether you are a student or staff member. We follow a thorough mediation process to come up with amicable solutions for all parties involved. The mediation process is free and confidential, and aims to enhance personal development, conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships. 

Gender non-violence support serv​ice

The Unit has a dedicated gender non-violence coordinator to assist in creating and increasing awareness around gender-based violence. We offer training to faculties, residences, departments, students and staff members regarding gender non-violence and gender bias.                          ​​​