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Humanitarians meet to share critical skills on eNCA, 27 May 2023. 

Preparing the planet for humanitarian crises on eNCA, 27 May 2023.   

Strategies to prepare, and conduct disaster management operations on SABC, 27 May 2023.

  • ​​https://tinyurl.com/48eakwpa

SA must clear 175 000 surgical procedures backlog" on NEWZROOM AFRIKA, 8th November 2022.


OPINION: How can we make surgical care accessible by drawing on lessons from the AIDS movement?

  • November 2022 Spotlight article.

“In-depth: what to do about SA's chronic surgical delays" on 91.3 ​FM radio The Voice of The Cape Drive Time show, 21 July 2022. 

“Surgical Backlogs in South Africa" on Pretoria FM ra​dio, 20 July 2022.​

“In-depth: what to do about SA's chronic surgical delays", October for Spotlight article.

UCSF Muriel Steele Society​, November 2021

Inaugural professorial lecture, October 2021

Discovery Foundation, April 2021

Business Day Live​, May 2021

Business Insider South Africa and News24 (Health24), May 2021

Lifebox, April 2020


American College of Surgeons


Daily Maverick

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SABC2 Morning Live Show 

Stellenbosch University Annual Faculty Publication 2019



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