​Centre for Global Surgery​​

​​About ​us

The Centre for Global Surgery (CGS) ​was founded in 2019.

The vision is a world with equitable access to quality surgical care for all.

The mission is to be a hub for excellence in global surgery research and to collaborate with the broader global health community in South Africa and internationally.

The aims are to generate high-quality research, engage policy makers, and improve learning in order to promote equitable surgical care in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

The activities are focused on global surgery research, stakeholder engagement, and learning and teaching. We work to identify strategies to improve the quality of surgical care and the health system by incorporating safe and equitable surgical care into universal health coverage.

Community-centred approaches will be utilised to better understand person-related barriers to seeking surgical services. Furthermore, the Centre is committed to improving care for marginalised groups, especially in low-resource and rural environments where surgical care is particularly inequitable.