The Anti-Corruption Centre for Education and Research of Stellenbosch University (ACCERUS) is a specialist anti-corruption education and training institution based in the School of Public Leadership (SPL).


ACCERUS aspires to be a centre of excellence in research, training and education in the field of corruption leading to the promotion of ethics and integrity in South Africa, Africa and internationally.


ACCERUS aspires to contribute towards a corruption-free public service and society that uphold good human values.

Key objectives

To remain relevant and knowledgeable across relevant corruption subject matter, ACCERUS strives to be appropriately expert in:

  • High levels of education and training supported by rigorous research.
  • The internal workings and circumstances of government institutions. (Here ACCERUS benefits greatly from the experience the SPL has accumulated through its many years of interaction with, and study of, government organisations and their officials)

"Without strong watchdog institutions, impunity becomes the very foundation upon which systems of corruption are built. And if impunity is not demolished, all efforts to bring an end to corruption are in vain."

Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Prize laureate

"Corruption is paid by the poor."

Pope Francis

"There can be no faith in government if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny — they should be setting the example of transparency."

Edward Snowden

"Anyone who wants to tackle corruption must be willing to go all the way. There are no shortcuts."

Oby Ezekwesili