General Linguistics
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General Linguistics 178

​​​​​​​​​Gives a general introduction to linguistics. Topics covered include the functions of language, principle​s of language structure and use, language acquisition, language in the brain...

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General Linguistics 278

Examines language and the human mind. Topics covered include principles and practice of the analysis of language structure, language use, language acquisition, sign languages...

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General Linguistics 379

​Concerns the advanced study of linguistics, including the role of linguistic principles in solving problems concerning language acquisition, language structure, multilingualism...

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Applied English Language Studies 278

​Concerns aspects of English language in use on both a macro and a micro level. Throughout the module students are introduced to the different principles and methods of conducting language studies.

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Applied English Language Studies 314 & 348

​Focuses on principles of language acquisition and use, with specific reference to English, and on variation and change in English, including research methods in the collection, coding and analysis of data.

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Meta Science 345

​The theme of this module is that the scientific investigati​on of mysterious language phenomena is a sophisticated form of detective work, as portrayed, for example, in popular detective stories.​

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