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2nd Year History Modules

Semester 1


13463 - His 214 (16) 

Key Processes in the making of Western History (3L,1T) 

  • State formation, the Renaissance and revolutions
    • Origins of the modern state
    • The Renaissance as cultural phenomenon
    • Origins, dynamics and impact of historical revolutions
  • Wealth and poverty in Western history
    • Changing views and attitudes
    • Perspectives on systems such as socialism, capitalism and communism
    • Dimensions of the culture of wealth and poverty

Semester 2

13463 - His 244 (16) 

Africa and South Africa: Colonisation and the Rearrangement of Societies (3L,1T) 

  • Africa and the West in the 19th century
    • Colonial policies in Africa
    • The political, cultural and economic impact of the colonisation of Africa in the 19th century
  • South Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries
    • The political and cultural dynamics of 18th- and 19th-century Cape societies
    • The establishment of new black empires and white republics in the interior in the 19th century
    • The mineral revolution: the making of a new political and cultural social order