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​ ​​ Semester 1 

13463 - His 114 (1​2) 

Introduction to the main global patterns and developments in history (3L,1T) 

  • Nomadic societies
  • The agricultural revolution and the emergence of established societies
  • The development of complex societies
  • The emergence of modernity and the industrial revolution
  • The historical construction of the modern globalising world


​ Semester 2 

13463 - His 144 (12) 

Survey of South African History (3L,1T) 

  • Debates on the settlement of population groups in South Africa
  • Clashes in the interior: the historical significance of 19th-century migrations
  • The mineral revolution and its impact on modern South Africa
  • Afrikaner nationalism as a historical factor
  • Segregation and apartheid
  • Black nationalism and politics in the 20th century
  • South Africa and the outside world