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Academic Programmes: Doctoral

PhD Programme in Ancient Languages

Admission requirements

A Master's degree in Ancient Languages, Biblical Hebrew, another Semitic language, Greek or Latin or another qualification (e.g. a Master's degree in Theology or Linguistics) accepted by the Senate as equivalent. Students who do not have a Master's degree in a language must undergo an assessment in the language in which they wish to specialise. Additional work will be required if it is found necessary. Advanced knowledge of a second ancient language is a corequisite.

The programme requires the writing of a dissertation which contains the results of independent and original research on a research problem.

Contact Prof Christo van der Merwe for more details.
Tel: +27 (0) 21 808 3655

PhD Programme in Old and/or New Testament

Aims of programme

The purpose of this PhD programme is to develop in the student a capability for independent research in a particular area of theology.

Entrance requirements and qualifications

Admission requirements are a MTh degree or equivalent qualification as approved by the Senate.

General structure and content

This non-residential programme requires at least two years and involves the writing of a dissertation to be submitted to the Faculty for an oral examination.

Contact the Faculty Secretary for Theology for more information.