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Projects: Communication & Engagement

The 21st century is known as the information era, and with a knowledge economy, it poses particular challenges for a successful programme for Bible translation and interpretation.

The value of Bible translation and interpretation is to a great extent dependent on the effective channels of communication and other suitable means of distribution in order to deliver the results of the research to the users. The worldwide pedagogic renewal with a stronger focus on the learner (also as client), the extensive use of information technology, and the scope and impact of the popular media (music, film, video, etc.) on people all over the world, are some of the factors that necessitate a rethinking of the manner in which results of Bible research is communicated. The reception, 'use' and application of the products of Bible translation and interpretation also need to be explored in order to determine in which way the communication of such material can be optimalized, especially in contemporary Africa.

Important aspects to be considered when doing research on the communication and application of the Bible and Bible-directed research include:

  1. The pedagogics of Bible teaching and Bible research.

  2. The use of computer-aided assistance for studying the Bible.

  3. The influence and use of the popular media (e.g. video and audio) in order to communicate the results of Bible research.

  4. The development of contemporary, indigenous study material on the Bible and the contemporary world (including Study Bibles, Bible commentaries, etc. directed at Africa).

Current projects

  • The New Testament and Cultural Studies (J Punt)

  • The use of the Bible in congregational discernment processes (MJ Nel)