Institute for Wine Biotechnology
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Focus Areas of Research Team

Grapevine molecular biology and biotechnology

Dr John Moore
Prof Melané Vivier
Dr Philip Young


Functional genomics; grapevine field-omics; grapevine abiotic and biotic stress biology; cell wall profiling


Wine microbiology and molecular biology

Prof Florian BauerYeast molecular and cellular biology
Dr Benoit DivolMicrobial interactions and spoilage – impact of microorganisms on wine properties
Prof Maret du ToitMolecular biology of wine lactic acid bacteria and interaction with wine yeasts
Dr Evodia SetatiVineyard and Wine Microbiome Research, population and microbial interactions. Click here for more information on Microbial Diversity


Analytical chemistry
Advanced chemical-analytical techniques in viticulture, oenology and biotechnology

Dr Hélène Nieuwoudt ​​Focus on non-destructive infrared spectroscopic analytical techniques and data processing, wine sensory profiling,sensometrics, consumer perception
Prof Antonio FerreiraFlavour chemistry focus on the chemical definition to wine quality. Metabolomics
Dr Astrid BuicaSample preparation and liquid chromatography for grape and wine analyses