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31 August 2019

29 August 2019

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12 September 2014 - (CGIAR News) - Prof Altus Viljoen: Partnerships and prompt response, key to prevent the spread of banana Fusarium wilt (‘Panama disease’):

28 August 2014 - Student Science News - Saving the banana:

4 July 2014 - (E-mail from Prof Altus Viljoen, Stellenbosch University, to Promusa):

  1. Fusarium wilt is still spreading on-farm, but no cases have been reported off the plantation. A number of containment measures had been introduced, and the new cases might even be the result of earlier dissemination (before the responsible pathogen was discovered).  The pathogen has not been isolated from any of the cooking bananas growing on-farm or in the area.
  2. Representatives of eastern, southern and central Africa met in Stellenbosch, South Africa at the end of April to discuss the introduction of Foc TR4 into the continent. During this meeting factual data on the disease in Mozambique was shared with the delegates, who represent NARS and NPPOs in their respective countries; as well CG centres, universities, policy makers, collaborating partners and donors. Thus, African institutions are fully informed about the threat of Foc TR4, and have jointly developed a strategy plan to protect bananas on the continent.
  3. I also visited the FAO and investors of Matanuska last week, and can ensure you that all parties are committed to not allow the fungus to cause destruction to bananas in the rest of Africa. They realise that an immense effort is required to contain the fungus on-farm, and have invested substantially in this regard. The worst decision for them to make is to simply leave the area and allow others to walk through abandoned fields.

13 December 2013 (RTB News release) - New banana disease to Africa found in Mozambique: