​​​​​​​​Innovation Through Collaboration ​​

Food safety is an essential public health issue for all. The potential threat to public health from foodborne disease continues to increase with expanding urbanization and the global distribution of food. The consequences for a failed food safety policy are costly with impacts not only on public health but also on the food producer and the economy. Assessing the safety of our food has resulted in a paradigm shift to risk-based methods of analysis. Assessment and management of these risks must be scientifically evaluated, requiring input from a range of experts. Science-based food controls are essential for the protection of food products. 

The Centre for Food Safety will use its credible high quality food safety research, led by experts in the field, to translate food safety science and research to ensure tangible impact throughout the food industry, government and consumers. 

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This will be achieved by:

Building international networks - of food safety  

Developing an improved food safety culture - to educate and raise awareness to support and increase the food safety culture in South Africa

Growing the capability of food safety - in science and government to collectively future-proof South Africa's food safety ecosystem

Innovating for food safety - by providing the science basis for safety in food innovation 

Designing programs that support collaboration - to minimise fragmentation and duplication

Being the food safety partner of choice - by being recognised as the preferred food safety partner

Providing trusted food safety advice - which is independent, timely and credible ​