​​Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Management


1-2 August

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​​Target audience

This module is designed for engineers, technologists and others in IT who are new to the Azure Cloud Platform.


This introductory workshop/module will demonstrate how using a cloud-based infrastructure can help you reduce costs, improve security and innovate rapidly. You'll learn about common scenarios and use cases for infrastructure services, and get a walk-through of how to start using Azure.

Expected outcomes

The module will cover getting started with Microsoft's cloud platform Azure and its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and how Azure (IaaS) helps you quickly create a secure and scalable infrastructure—while reducing the time and money spent to plan, procure, and manage it—, participants will gain a thorough understand and practical skills in Azure IaaS capabilities including:

  • Getting started with Microsoft Azure

  • Quickly providing the infrastructure for all your workloads including :

    • Compute (Virtual Machines and Cloud services)

    • Network

    • Storage

    • Web and Database Servers

  • Deploy hybrid environments consistent with your on-premises infrastructure

  • Protect your applications with security and management services

    • Azure Security 

    • Backup and Site Recovery

  • Reduce and optimize infrastructure costs

  • Azure Resource Manager

  • Azure Templates and Marketplace

​Course format

There will be some Azure related presentation, with some demos and exercises. Participants will be encouraged to follow along with the exercises on their own laptops.


This course is suitable for anyone who has a basic understanding of cloud computing and preferably working on a technical project they are seeking to improve and migrate to the cloud. It is assumed that course participants are familiar with the basics of cloud computing https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/what-is-cloud-computing/ and at least one programming language, and that they are either have a technical background or use technology in their project. No particular scientific field or programming language is required.


Eng. Mohamed Ghoneim, is a Technical Program Manager at Microsoft 4Afrika and acting as Technical Evangelist based in Egypt and covering the Middle East and Africa Regions. He was formerly a teaching assistant in Computer Science and Software Engineering at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime and currently member at their technical advisory board. His areas of expertise are Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Systems.​