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Student fees account



​R​​​egistered Stude​nts​

When is the student fees account available?

Student fees accounts are available after registration by the middle of February of the academic year.

What is a student fees account?

Student fees accounts consist of study fees and if in residence, BOTH study and accommodation fees. Study fees consist of tuition fees plus program and module costs.

How do you get a student fees account?

Quotations of the estimated fees for the academic year can be obtained online until the student fees accounts are available.

A quotation can be compiled by signing in at

  • Click on Fees
  • Click on Provisional statement of fees
  • Click on Request a more detailed Provisional Statement of Fees / Quotation

Student fees accounts can be obtained via the student portal. Student fees accounts are sent out monthly via email. The email address can be updated by signing in at

  • Click on Undergraduate OR Postgraduate
  • Click on Administration
  • Click on Address & Contact Information
  • Change email address

When is the student fees account payable?

The following fixed instalments have to be paid on or before the dates as set out on the student fees account.

With registration
Compulsory first instalment (fixed amount)
31 May
At least 75% of the remainder of the total student fees account, after the amount paid with registration has been deducted
30 September The outstanding balance on the student account


How can you pay the student fees account?

  • Payment at the cashiers with cash, debit or credit card, or cheque.

Stellenbosch Campus
Payment at the cashiers in Block A of the Central Administration.
Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 08:00 to 15:30

Tygerberg Campus
Payment at the cashiers in the Clinical Building, 1st floor, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 08:30 to 15:30

Bellville Park Campus
Payment at the cashiers in the Main Building, Carl Cronjé Drive, Bellville.
Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 08:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 15:30


  • Direct bank transfers
    Banking details:
    Name:                                 US Studentegelde (public listed beneficiary)
    Bank:                                   Standard Bank
    Account no:                       063163225 (cheque account)
    Branch code:                     050610
    SWIFT code:                      SBZAZAJJ (only for payments from abroad)
    Reference:                         Student number
  • Credit card payments
    Pay at the cashier with a credit card during stipulated office hours.
  • Online credit c​ard payments can be done as follows:
    • Go to
    • Select “Students"
    • Select “Prospective students"
    • Select “Fees"
    • Select “Payment options"
    • Select “Electronic credit card payment"
    • Sign in with US number (8-digit student number) and student ID number
    • Sent proof of payment to


Non-registered students with an outstanding student fees accoun​​t

Letters are sent to non-registered students every three months, as follows: February, May, August and November.

Non-registered student fees account

  1. Stu​dent fees accounts for non-registered students (2013 students) are sent at the beginning of February together with the Debit order letters.
  2. First Notice (2013 students) is issued at the beginning of August 2014 by Fredeline Reid.
  3. Letters of demand in terms of Section 129 (regarding 2012 non-registered students) are sent out in March 2014 and handled by the debt collectors.
    3.1.      The handling of the letters are divided according to alphabetical order between the debt collectors: Carey Ackerman (A to I), Jolene Arnolds (J, K, O to Z), Miranda Kotze L, M and N.
    3.2.      The letters are delivered via registered post. The debt collectors themselves handle these letters. The mailroom needs to get an indication timely of the amount of letters, as well as the amount to be sent nationally, to Africa and other parts of the world in order to get the necessary amount of stickers. An estimate of five working days should be allowed for mailing the letters.
    3.3.      The letters have to be signed by a person of authority and delegated in terms of Rule 52 (at present Mr Manie Lombard: Chief Director Finance).
    3.4.      The letter of demand has to be in line with Section 129 (read with Section 130) of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.
  4. If the student/sponsor responds, a payment agreement is arranged and the arrangement is loaded onto the system.
  5. If the student/sponsor pay the full amount and insists on the interest to be written off, the request has to be directed to the Deputy Director: Student Fees & Debtors for approval and correction.
  6. If the student/sponsor responds to the letter and is unemployed, an affidavit has to reach SU within 30 days after the date of delivery and receipt.
  7. Summons for 2011 students will take place in October 2014.
  8. The funds have to be paid into the Standard Bank account.


A request has to be sent to the Deputy Director: Student Fees & Debtors if interest or capital has to be written off and should include the following:

Reason for request – short paragraph (even if in the previous e-mails)

  • Indicate the interest for 2014 and 2013
  • The capital amount at the time of discontinuation
  • If the student discontinued – indicate if discontinuation was done formally
  • Indicate on SSR728P the date of discontinuation letter
  • If not formal discontinuation, indicate on the academic record SSR728P
  • Give feedback regarding follow-up with the faculty secretary regarding the discontinuation record
  • If mentioned in the e-mail that the person has already been in contact with SU, attach correspondence with SU.​