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What is the procedure for reporting a claim?

  • An effort must be made to limit damages to the minimum.
  • Never admit liability towards any person.
  • After the insurance claim is reported, Division: Funds and Asset Management will advise you as to which claim form you should obtain from the WEB.  That form must be completed in full and send back with all the relevant documentation as soon as possible, but not later than 10 days after the incident to the Claim Administrator at the Division: Funds and Asset Management.


What documentation do I need to accompany the claim form?

  • 2 Quotations for the repair/ replacement of damaged/ stolen goods. Invoices for urgent repairs/ replacements of goods.
  • Declarations from the police or traffic department must be send as soon as possible to the above-mentioned person to ensure that the claim is settled quickly.
  • Never negotiate with a third party.  Leave any correspondence received from a third party or his/her legal representative unanswered and send it immediately to the Claim Administrator.