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Banking Services



EFT Payments

The University is already loaded as a public beneficiary/recipient on all bank systems. Select “Company" and search for “Stellenbosch", where all the different options will appear as follows:

US Algemeen/General

US Studentegelde/Student Fees

US Debiteure/Debtors

US Skuldinvordering/Debt collections.


Cash deposits

Cash deposits can be made at SU cashiers or any branch of Standard Bank


Credit Cards

Credit card transactions can be made at any SU cashier or via an online link on SU's website.


Reclaim incorrect deposit

In cases where incorrect deposits were made into a SU bank account, the should following be taken into account:

  • No third-party claims will be allowed. 
  • Proof of deposit must be provided.
  • A confirmation letter from your bank must be provided.
  • Companies/Entities must lodge the request on their company letterhead, signed by an authorised official.
  • An individual must lodge the request via email or in writing to confirm the above.