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Policy and Procedures

​​​​​​​1. Budget

1.1 Budget for capital items and capital works

2. Financial structures and bookkeeping

2.1 Creation of new​​ cost centre
2.2 Closure of cost centre
2.22 Within a cost centre handling of post-retirement medical benefits and exemption of study fees 
2.3 Bookkeeping of entities falling outside SU
2.4 Interdepartmental transactio​ns
2.5 Ledger journals
2.6 Inventories
2.7 Issuing of official invoices
2.8 Credit on a debtors account
2.9 Bank accounts
2.10 Credit cards
2.11 Petty cash funds
2.12 Obtaining goods and services
2.13 Requests for cheque or electronic payments
2.14 Requirements to be met by creditor invoices for payment
2.15 Reissuing of cheques that have been stopped
2.16 Payments to Stellenbosch University (SU)​​
2.17 Cashiers and payment of funds
2.18 Cash receipts
2.19 Cheque receipts and direct payments into the SU bank account
2.20 Donations and receipts for donations
2.21 Investments and interest​ of funds
2.22 Handling of post-retirement medical benefits and exemption from study fees within cost centre
2.23 Institution and management of internal financial levies
2.24 Handling of obsolete or redundant assets
2.25 Audit fees
2.26 Insurance claims
2.27 Advances


3. Statutory requirements

3.1 V​AT
3.2 Policy for foreign payments in terms of the regulations of the South African Reserve Bank and
Stellenbosch University

3.3 Amendment act on bills of exchange regarding the crossing of cheques
3.4 Value Added Tax on Imported Services​​

4. Internal rules and regulations

4.1 Internet servi​ces
4.2 Gifts
4.3 Internal loans
4.4 Note and membership fees
4.5 Entertainment
4.6 Telephone lines
4.7 Private telephone ca​​lls and internet usage
4.8 Policy and procedure with ​regard to cell phone and data cards
4.9 Travelling and subsistence
4.10 Personal expenses
4.11 Purchase of Academic/Job related text books
4.12 The presentation of conferences and congresses excluding short courses
4.13 Printer cartridges

5. Remuneration issues

5.1 Independent contractors and ​​unemployment insurance legislation

6. Research

6.1 Research cost ce​​ntre
6.2 Rector’s award for excellence in research
6.3 SOS publication funds
6.4 Research finances – submission of claims and financial statements
6.5 Costing and pricing of research and research related contracts

7. Financial reporting

7.1 Financial repo​rting

8. Financial guidelines for the Finance Division

8.1 Financial guidelines with regard to purcha​​​​sing and selling liquor in residence clubs
8.2 Financial management of e-campus projects
8.3 Membership of professional associations for members of the rector’s management team
8.4 Liaison with banking institutions
8.5 Renting of sports facilities to outside groups
8.6 Indirect cost recovery rate (ICRR)

9. Purchasing and Tender policy and pro​​cedure

10. Organisational ​structure defined by an Organisational Unit (OU)​

11. Policy on the naming of buildings, venues and oth​​er facilities/premises

12. Legal entities

13. Risk Management Policy