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Asset Management

Do I need to create a budget

No asset can be bought without budgeting first (FBG100P). In process of budgeting, a budget number

and asset number gets allocated to the item. After payment the asset register is updated

with the new asset, also adding it under SU insurance policy. It is essential to complete the correct number of items being budgeted for as this implies the number of assets that are added to the register​


Who would be responsible?

It is the duty and responsibility of all SU cost centre owners and all SU staff members allocated as a responsible person to a room:

  • to ensure that all items classified as assets be added to the asset register,
  • to safeguard all SU assets as being the custodian,
  • to ensure that any changes to an asset's location, usefulness or loss thereof, are reported timeously by completing the necessary request on the asset register maintenance program EBR001P,
  • to ensure that all rooms are yearly verified and certified as correct.​