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​You have to complete the application form and send all the provided documentation through to the appropriate buyer in order to register on the SU Supplier List. In terms of services provided by contractors within the Facilities and Maintenance Environment, both forms need to be completed. Please note the composition of the division in terms of purchasing of products and services for the necessary contact details when you send the form through.

Suppliers where the number of transactions per year will be 5 or less and whose total payments will not exceed R335 000 whichever limit is reached first, must complete the level 2 form. If the limits of a level 2 supplier are reached, the vendor will be required to submit the complete (level 1) registration document. There is an exception for micro entities (suppliers with an annual turnover of less than R1 million) - if their payments from SU for the year will not exceed R335 000, they qualify as a Level 2 provider regardless of the number of transactions with the supplier. Completed level 2 forms with the required supporting documentation can be sent as follows:

• Electronically to

• Hardcopies to Marsha Davids at Room C3309, Administration C, Stellenbosch University.​​

Regular suppliers (Level 1) are defined as suppliers to whom SU makes more than 5 payments annually or whose total payments exceed R335 000 per annum. Registration forms for level 1 vendors are available from Lucille Julie (​