Welcome to Stellenbosch University

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We are a service division that provides support to both students and staff through our with the support of our various departments.

​The finance function incorporate the following

  •   financial planning;
  •   financial reporting (including financial reporting of a statutory nature);
  •   the drawing up and control of the annual budget;
  •   the development and application of sound financial policies;
  •   the management, coordination and application of sound auditing policies and procedures;
  •   the determination and administration of student fees and loans;
  •   the management of staff remuneration payments, debtors, creditors, assets and liabilities;
  •   funds, investment and banking administration;
  •   the development and maintenance of financial systems; and
  •   financial management training.

​With the help of quality staff we strive for excellence through the provision of dynamic, innovative user output and specialised services.