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World Day of Social Justice​ – 20 February


Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. Principles of social justice are upheld when we promote gender equality or the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants.

Social justice is advanced when we remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability.
Visit the United Nations website for more information.

World NGO Day​ - 27 February

The universal concept of theWorld NGO Day is Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate – the various NGOs around the world, and the people behind them that contribute to society all year around.


World NGO Day can be marked through local, regional and international events and projects to celebrate NGOs’ vital activities and contribution to society.
Society can take an active part in celebrating World NGO Day which will help raise awareness of this sector.
Potential ways for NGOs and everyone to celebrate as part of World NGO Day include:
  • Cooperating with local schools/universities to run a simulated World NGO Day events for students and pupils to learn about issues at NGOs or opportunities, from local charities to international movements.
  • Organising activities to raise awareness, such as sharing messages with the community via online, TV, Radio, newsletters or local newspapers.
  • Hosting celebratory events to raise awareness and funds.
  • Organising an NGO “Exchange” event to swap goods and ideas with others. Showcasing the achievements of NGOs through events or awards.


World NGO Day provides an opportunity to honour and remember NGO founders, employees, volunteers, members and supporters.
There are vast numbers of individuals who have devoted themselves to the work of NGOs in many forms, from those who offer a few hours of their time to those who have sacrificed their lives for a cause they believe in.​

World NGO Day is to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGO sector and encourage a greater symbiosis between NGOs and both the public and private sector.​​​