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Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

Experience Details

​Have been trying to resolve an error on my payslip since the 9th September. Have been referred to various people and then competely ignored, no-one will take responsibility. Phoned this morning and spoke to 3 different people, still no resolution.​ At no stage have I been given any feedback regarding who is investigating or what is being done, just deathly silence?

What is the point of a Help/Service desk if there is no service or no follow up? My enquiry just seemed to dissappear into a black hole? of indifference?

HR Contact, Charne Pool, Aubrey Isaacks, Chandre du Plessis

Respondent's Name

Rachael SPiers

Respondent's Contact Number

082 377 3125

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Feedback Classification

Remuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
Created at 9/18/2019 9:43 by Spiers, RL, Mrs []
Last modified at 9/18/2019 9:43 by Spiers, RL, Mrs []